The Treatment Approach

All sessions are approached with compassion, presence and respect. A pre-session interview determines the specific needs of the patient as well as a treatment plan for the session. Only those healing modalities with which the patient is familiar and/or comfortable will be utilized within the treatment. Sessions are ninety-minutes in length and will address the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual needs of the patient. The following therapies may be integrated within the healing session:

Massage Therapy 

Traditional lubricated bodywork indicated for stress, physical injury and touch deprivation.

Structural Assessment and Balancing

Assessment of structural/skeletal symmetry and the use of asymmetrical stretches indicated for correction of structural imbalance and dysfunction.

Craniosacral Therapy

The assessment and unwinding of fascial micro-movements within the spinal column and cranium indicated for injury, headaches and structural imbalance.


The application of essential oil blends to balance the body’s energies and activate the seven chakras.

Energy Cleansing and Chakra Balancing 

The assessment, cleansing and activation of the auric body and seven chakras using an obsidian pendulum, Eagle feather and essential oil blends.

Reiki and Healing Touch

Hands-on energetic clearing, balancing and activation of the auric body and its chakras.

Individual and Couples Counseling

Assessment of personal and relational stress and imbalance through dialogue and intuition. The approach looks specifically at the true self, the false self and the shadow self. Jungian archetypes, intuitive guidance and balanced communication skills assist in re-programming the individual and/or the couple toward healthy growth in personal path and relationship.

Primal Therapy

Based loosely on Arthur Janov’s Primal Scream, this experiential approach releases imploded anger, self-sabotage and the debilitating effect of other’s projections that have resulted in false self-beliefs. Indicated for dysthymia and depression.

Treatment for Dysthymia and Depression 

A four-fold process integrating nutritional supplement support, primal therapy, soul retrieval and integration, titration of (weaning off of) antidepressants.

Spiritual Direction

Holy listening and guidance in the presence of dark night of the soul when one experiences a disconnect from Source.

Guided Spirit Journey

Through the establishment of an entrained trance, Gray Wolf and the patient will travel to the Sacred Grandmother Forest where a multitude of rituals may occur within the patient’s personal medicine wheel: soul retrieval, disconnecting spirit cords attached by others, meeting spirit guides, communication with loved ones who have transitioned into the dimension of Spirit and Soul, receiving healing from Mother Earth, Father Sky and your personal power animals. A beautiful, sacred and life-changing journey.

Soul Retrieval and Integration

Retrieving pieces of the spirit and soul that may have split from the self through trauma or abuse. The major seven-year cycles include the infant, child or 7-year-old, adolescent or 14-year-old, young adult or 21-year-old, young mother/father or 28-year-old, crone or 56-year-old female, elder or 56-year-old male, and the wise sage or 91-year-old. Other specific ages that experienced trauma or abuse will also be retrieved and integrated.

Death Preparation

Holy listening and mentoring of the dying patient so that they may leave this life with resolution and experience a beautiful and sacred transition into Spirit.

Land Blessing and Home Cleansing 

The blessing of land is a shamanic ritual that invokes the land spirits in order to receive their blessing prior to constructing on the land. A home or business cleansing clears negative or mal vibrations and assists any stuck spirits (ghosts) in their transition into Spirit.

Oracle Reading 

Invoking wisdom and guidance for a specific conflict or situation from the fifty-two Native American Animal Medicine cards.